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A Discord utility bot to make sticky messages.

StickMe is a Discord bot that automatically recreates messages. This way you can have your favourite message always at the bottom of the chat.

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How It Works

How It Works

Create A Message

First create a message in the Discord channel where you want the sticky message to be.

You can also use our embedded creator to create a nicely styled message.

Make It Stick

Right click the message and select "stick" to make it stick to the bottom of the chat.

Want to customize it? Check out the documentation!

Try It Out

Send a message to the channel. The bot should recreate the message at the bottom of the chat.

The message isn't recreated? Have a look at our checklist!



(Sticky) Polls

Tired of having your polls lost in the chat history?

Create sticky polls which, like normal sticky messages, will stick to the bottom of the chat.

Sticky polls will automatically unstick them self once they are closed.

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